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7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. These flashers are great! We used them this summer, salmon fishing off of Malcolm Island, BC. They are very effective, and super easy to use. Also they don’t get in the way while your fishing.

      1. Red, on the “Products” page there is a list of retailers. If those don’t work try filling out a “Contact” request on the “About Us” page. Hopefully there is some way we can get you access to the Rollyblade. Thanks.

  2. Fished rolly blades off of Campbell River last year and fished them for all species. The side with the rolly blade outfished the naked side at least two to one, especially with pinks, sockeye and chum. Unfortunately lost my blade at the end of last season so very happy to see them at the boat show again this year…I’m buying extra for sure.

  3. I have been fishing rolly blades for three years and love them, I have caught all species of salmon as well as lingcod. and many halibut when trolled 10-15 feet off the bottom. I sent a set to my brother who lives on and fishes lake superior and right off the bat he found them to be effective for Chinook, coho and lake trout. I’ll never go back to flashers.

  4. I have using rolly flashers for 3years and I would always fish 1 on 1 side and conventional gear on the other and the rolly consistently caught fish. I think it actually attracted the fish to the other side. This year I have be using them on both sides because it is so much more fun catching the fish without anything on but the fish.

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