E-Z Lite

Lasts Long – Burns Hot

The E-Z Lite Tinder Block is a fire starter block that is durable and completely water proof. It is sold separate or as part of a kit which includes a waterproof case, lighter, flint and steel, and the E-Z Lite Tinder Block. See this amazing product in action …

Developed by Nakusp Secondary School students, the E-Z Lite Tinder Block is manufactured and marketed by students in the school’s outdoor education program. All proceeds from the sale of these blocks and kits go to benefit the Outdoor Education program.

E-Z Lite Tinder Blocks


These durable blocks will not break even under the most extreme conditions. They are 2.5″x4″ and fit easily in your back pocket. Waterproof, long lasting, highly durable, light, and portable. These blocks are built to last years. Put one in your car, your backpack, tackle box, boat, etc. These blocks are sold in packages of 5.

E-Z Lite Tinder Kits


The E-Z Lite Tinder Kit comes with one E-Z Lite Tinder Block, a lighter, a high-quality Coghlan’s Magnesium Fire Starter (flint & steel). All in a waterproof case. These kits make a great gift for any outdoorsman. There is no satisfaction like lighting a fire without matches. Super Cool!

Learn how to start a fire with magnesium and flint.

E-Z Lite Tinder Blocks and Kits can be found at these fine retailers:

Balfour Gill & Gift
4-450 Ferry Landing Rd.
Balfour, BC V0G 1C0
Castlegar Sports Centre & Fly Shop
1951a Columbia Ave.
Castlegar, BC V1N 2W8
Secret Creek Supplies
1151 Bear Creek Rd.
Trail, BC V1R 4W2
Valley Firearms (2012) Ltd.
1281 Bay Ave.
Trail, BC V1R 4X7
Roam Shop
639 Baker St.
Nelson, BC V1L 4J3
Barren’s Sport Shop
510 4th St.
Kaslo, BC V0G 1M0
Nakusp General Store
302 Broadway
Nakusp, BC V0G 1R0
 Stillwater Sports
4849 Delta St.
Ladner, BC V4K 2T9


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